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A decade of experience. Big results. Standout content. We've partnered with the top companies in Sports, Entertainment, and Consumer Goods including Gatorade, Gymshark, Alani Nu, Degree, L’oreal Paris, KVD and many more to craft strategic marketing campaigns that generate millions of views, engagements, and sales.

Our expertise lies in ideation, execution, and driving results - because we believe in creating content that sparks big moments.

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Forge authentic connections. Ignite brand passion. Build your dream influencer team.

We craft strategic influencer partnerships that put your brand in front of the perfect audience. We foster genuine connections that turn passive viewers into passionate brand advocates. Partnering with the right influencers isn't just about reach, it's about resonance.

Let us help you unlock brand awareness, ignite sales, and take center stage.

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Our Process

1. Understand

Immerse ourselves into understanding your brand, product and target consumer.

2. Strategize

After brand immersion and thorough research of the competitive landscape, we create bespoke gameplans to achieve success.

3. Recruit

Carefully curating the right roster of talent through extensive reviews and a deep understanding of culture.

4. Activate

Leverage your dream team to fuel your marketing to new heights.


Getting the results you want, every time.

About 413 Management

Founded in 2023 by Mark Baroth, an award-winning marketing executive and digital strategist with 10 years of experience across global brands and marketing agencies. 413 Management was created with one goal in mind, helping clients create content that makes them stand out.

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