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For Talent

413 Management champions your vision. We listen, collaborate, and empower you to achieve new milestones while staying true to your unique voice.

Premiere Athletes.
Premiere Companies.

Maximizing partnerships on the court, off the court and everywhere in between. We know this space. We are this space.

Premiere Athletes. Premiere Companies.

Unlocking partnerships for athletes, on and off the field.

We help you achieve your goals by pairing you with brands that are right for YOU.

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We give you the resources you need to make money and save time, so you can focus on what YOU do best.

YOU know the power of hustling, so do we.

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We know athletes.
We know culture.
This is what we do.

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What You Get

We offer a full suite of benefits for influencers who work with us.

Custom Brand Outreach

We connect you with brands that seamlessly blend with your audience, fostering authentic partnerships your followers can believe in.

Negotiation and Legal

We understand the legal complexities of athlete endorsement deals, helping you navigate contracts with clarity and protection.

Vision & Goal Strategy

We help you craft creative strategies that align perfectly with your goals. We believe in partnerships that build value for everyone involved. 

About 413 Management

Founded in 2023 by Mark Baroth, an award-winning marketing executive and digital strategist with 10 years of experience across global brands and marketing agencies. 413 Management was created with one goal in mind, helping clients create content that makes them stand out.

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